What We Do

Hermes provides high quality professional translation and localisation services to enable you to communicate accurately to any audience outside your borders. We use professional translators to translate into and from countless  languages and dialects so you can be sure we have the right solution for you. 
We can handle all your business translation and localisation needs. And the more work we do for you, the better we know your requirements. By making the most of cutting edge technology we also can drive down your translation cost. Our professional translation services are undertaken by native, highly qualified professional translators and proofreaders with expertise in your chosen subject or industry sectors. 

Professional Translation

Hermes Translations is a professional translation company that provides high quality professional translation and localisation services to enable you to communicate accurately. We use professional translators to translate into and from over 200 languages so you can be sure we have the right solution for you. 


Localisation is the translation and cultural adaptation of  mostly multumedia content such as websites, software, video games or applications. Currencies and time formats inside text sections can be examples of localisation items.


Transcreation is the marketing process of conveying the intent and emotional content of the message from the source language to the target language. Its impact in advertising and global marketing of a brand is enhanced by the fact that visual appearance and flow is taken into account for a full branding experience.




A couple set of eyes are always more effective than one. Tranversed will proofread your documents and make sure that they are harmonised and consistent throught the whole document or product.


If you work in the energy and utilities sector you’ll already be aware that it is truly an international marketplace. Whether it is HSE documents, construction plans, contracts and certification or other energy related documents. As we are working with industry experts, we can always guarantee the best quality for your translations.


Our experts work closely with you to ensure that your copy reads like it had been written in your target language.  They ensure that the translators we use – all native speakers and all experienced in producing creative copy – understand exactly what tone of voice your campaign needs so that nothing is lost in translation.


Medical translation is of the utmost importance as it relates directly to the safety of patients thus cannot coexist with any ambiguity in terms of translations. Please let us know should you need additional information concerning our Quality Assurance policies towards such critical translations.


Custom Localization Solutions

Proper communication is a must when it comes to high volumes of sales. The Fashion industry being creatively varied, we can offer you appropriate translations for your pitches and slogans whether you addressing children, teennagers, adults, urban, casual or even a luxury audience.


The Sports industry is one of the truly ever global sector which blends in most other industries from fashion to Digital media, retail and print. With many of our native translators specialised in different sport disciplines, we can offer you translations that can specialise in or transcend cultures.

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Digital Media/ I.T.

Digital Media is now an integral part of our lives from our communication platforms to our electronic content.

Wheter you need a translation for a PDF, an app, a video game or a website, our skilled and terchnologically up-to-date translators will successfully implement your message into the new millenium with the proper technical jargon.

Apart from Digital Media, there remains a bulk of textual needs when it comes to the I.T world. From technical translations of hardware and software related components to manuals or getting started guides, we will make sure your audience have a critical understanding of the knowledge needed to operate that technology.